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As everyone is aware we began officially being monitored by Estyn this academic year following our initial inspection report pre-pandemic. We had our final 3 day visit on July 4th.

We are very proud to share with you the final report that reflects all the incredible hard work carried out by all the staff since the first report was published. Through their efforts we have shown what the school is capable of.

I am delighted to tell all parents and guardians that we are no longer a school in special measures and we continue to improve and progress and offer the very best we can to the children and community of Llandudno Junction.

I want to say thank to all the parents and guardians that have trusted and worked with us throughout an unprecedented (pandemic affected) three years.

We are excited to continue with the hard work and progress for the years to come.

We will see everyone in September and hope you enjoy the holidays.

Thank you to everyone.

Mr G Evans

Head Teacher

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