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T4U Shoe Box Appeal - from 10th October 22 to 11th November 22

What can go in my shoebox?

Items should be new however pre-loved items in good condition are acceptable


toothbrush & toothpaste, hair accessories/brush, soap & facecloth, stationary & paper, gloves, hat & scarf, new socks/underwear, a soft toy, game, puzzle, small musical instruments, toy vehicles, small ball, sweets (use by date from June 23), a photo and message from yourself.


Candles, cooking utensils (no knives), plastic containers, t-towels, washing up cloths, hairbrush, small toiletries, bowls and cups, small Christmas decoration, soap, clothes pegs, headscarves, new socks and underwear, jewellery, new makeup.


Food (only exception is sweets), medicines, military themed items, aerosols or anything highly flammable, sharp items, novels.

Leaflets will be sent out by the end of this week

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